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about us

Our customers are able to take advantage of the expertise and experience of the company, by associating us with the project at the project conceptions and design stages, So that our advices can be incorporated in the project.

This helps our customers optimize the space, make greater use of natural lighting, achieve a higher level of architectural beauty.

our history

  • >> We are working hard to achieve a lot. Great future ahead...!
  • >> AL GLOW stepped a Big Foot in Material sales and Front market sectors.
  • >> AL Glow achieved a Hat-Trick by signing up and successful completion of project for third time with Indian Public Sector - NTPC, Deepanjali Nagar.
  • >> AL Glow Successfully accomplished 25+ projects by serving residential and small, medium, large-scale industries.
  • >> AL GLOW successfully accomplished project at NTPC and signed the second project with NTPC, Simhadri Sankalp 2.
  • >> K. Mohan Kanna gladly collaborated with AL GLOW and contributed for the growth and expansion of AL GLOW.
  • >> AL Glow moved ahead and expanded services to medium scale industrial sectors like MyLan and pharma giant - Aurobindo Pharma.
  • >> AL Glow sings up a project with Indian Public Sector - NTPC for the first time in AL Glow journey.
  • AL Glow is established by Zakir Mohammed in Visakhapatnam, INDIA, with an initial capital of 750 USD.
  • >> AL Glow started its journey with two crew members by serving construction and infrastructure services to domestics and residentials.
  • >> Signs up with small firm and successful completion of first project.

    mission &vision

    This website version may be new, but AL Glow is no newcomer to the material business. We've been meeting customers' needs, growing our company, and expanding our services since 2014.

    We fully understand that we exist because of you. For that we say "Thanks!" and we look forward to the next opportunity to serve you. And for those we have not yet worked with, why don't you give us a try..!

    We are confident that you will notice the difference, and that you too will become one of our valued and loyal customers.